Use a cloth mask to help slow the spread of COVID-19

CDC recommends wearing cloth masks in public places where it is difficult to maintain other social isolation measures (for example, grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas where transmission is warranted. tell in the community. CDC also recommends that you use a simple cloth mask to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may be infected with the virus without knowing it is not spreading to others. Cloth masks made of household or home-made items from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional voluntary public health measure. Cloth masks should not be worn for children under 2 years of age, anyone with breathing difficulties, or unconscious, incapacitated or unable to remove the mask without assistance. The recommended cloth mask is not a medical mask or an N-95 respirator. These are important supplies that must continue to be reserved for health care workers and other first responders in the health sector, as recommended by the current CDC guidelines. Front photo of a person wearing a cloth mask. A person is using two fingers to point out the two sides of the nose, showing that the mask fits in this area. Should washing or cleaning cloth masks often? How frequently? Have. They should be washed regularly depending on the frequency of use. How to safely disinfect / clean cloth masks? The washing machine can be used to wash cloth masks properly. How to safely remove used cloth masks? People should be careful not to touch eyes, nose, and mouth when removing a cloth mask and wash their hands immediately after removing.

How To Take Care Of Ornamental Dogs ?

Dogs are quite close pets and are popular with many families. Especially pet dogs in recent times increasingly attract many people. Besides choosing a lovely dog, dog owners need to have experience in taking care of pets to keep their dogs safe. The experience of caring for a safe dog at home which we suggest below will help you a lot. Dogs, like other pets, need proper care and protection. Compared to dogs, dogs often have weak health and are very susceptible to disease, even death without proper care. So, if you desire to have a pet dog to love every day then apply the following experience. You need to find out how the dog you want to buy has a parent, if you are inbreeding or inbreeding you should not buy it. Especially you need to appreciate its characteristics and choose the right breed of dog you need to look for, absolutely do not buy dogs according to the movement. Should only buy dogs from 8 weeks of age and older, have been vaccinated 2 doses and have been fully dewormed, helminthic. When visiting a dog to look for puppies, such as dogs are agile, naughty; Are your eyes red or rusted? Does the dog's mouth have lots of saliva coming out, coughing or not,…. If the dog is agile, not afraid of people, and has no signs of being sick, then choose. In order to choose a good dog, you should take the time to carefully consider, do not be in a hurry to choose the wrong dog. Prepare your dog accommodation: Once you have chosen the puppy you like, you will need to prepare accommodation for them. Puppies are like an infant, they love to explore everything around them, so you should prepare everything before taking "babies" home. First, you need to prepare them for a very cool, well-lit home. It is best to have a spot near the door so they can sunbathe in the morning. You should not allow your puppy to stay in an air-conditioned room as this will easily catch a cold. After that, you need to clear up all sharp and dangerous objects so that the dog will not swallow. At the same time, you should keep important objects out of their reach to avoid damage orbiting. You should also close the low windows so they do not climb out. Absolutely do not allow them to sit on high and dangerous positions such as balconies or stairs. Often the first time the dog will not get used to the toilet in the right place or still very messy. So you should keep your dog somewhere convenient for cleaning such as the kitchen. You also need to train them in the right place to defecate. Feed the dog: The first time you should feed the dog according to the diet the previous owner has fed. After your dog gets used to it, you can slowly change your diet accordingly. For small dogs, the food should be finely ground or chopped to make it easier to eat. Also, take vitamins and give them milk.

The Mood Reminds The Velvet Of The Cat

What if the pet doesn't meet you one day? Do you know how fast the cat and dog can expect you to come home? After seeing the photos below, surely you just want to hold your beloved pet tightly. In the long battle between dog lovers and cat lovers, an argument often given by the dog side is that cat's apathy makes them not comparable to dogs: selfish cats, pragmatic cats, non-cat cats loyally, they consider themselves kings and human beings as servants ... But thanks to a study published by Oregon State University, based on empirical scientific evidence, cats are really nice. They really want to reach people for themselves and not for food. Researchers applied cognitive tests to cats and tracked what they like and dislike. The experiment was conducted on 50 cats from both the compassionate house and the owner, first the researchers isolated them from feeding, contacting people, toys and scents for several hours. Then they released the cats and exposed them at the same time again. The result was surprising, more than half of cats immediately sought interaction with humans rather than running to eat or play. Only 30% of cats look for food. The author of the study said: "While we used to believe that cat societies existed fairly independently, in our recent study, 50% of cats chose to interact socially. Although they can completely choose between people or more intriguing stimuli such as food, toys, ... they have chosen humans, most of them ". Research on cat awareness increasingly provides more evidence of their social behavior and ability to solve complex problems. Scientists say the reason why cats don't listen to anyone's orders except the sound of opening a lid of a food box may be because humans have misunderstood their mechanisms , leading to improper parenting and ignorance. gain the upper hand from the beginning like a dog. One thing that makes people more frustrated with cats is that they expect them to be like dogs, while these are two different species and cats are more independent. The only difference between cats and dogs is that when left alone, cats are not afraid or sad because of loneliness. Cats may not gently cuddle when we cry, not frantically when we return to support the "I" who want to be our important people, but obviously they still have a connection with us. do not ignore it completely. Experiments conducted on 50 cats may not yet be able to draw the strongest conclusions. But it is the first step in the study of cat social behavior, which has long been misunderstood and they do not deserve to be labeled as such.

The color scheme for small bedrooms

With the small room, the owner is very difficult to choose and decorate the furniture like, convenient and safe for the user, so even if the room is crowded, the owner will also get the furniture. Interior quality, the most beautiful living space safe, modern, certainly even small rooms homeowners also feel the most comfortable and refined. The color scheme for small bedrooms should be bright, elegant With cramped living spaces, it is very difficult for homeowners to choose the right color scheme, because they will make the room become more crowded if not choosing the most suitable items, and certainly the room. will be beautiful and pleasant if you choose an elegant color for this room. The color scheme for small bedrooms should pay attention to this color will be a smart choice, homeowners will get safe, convenient quality furniture, so even though the room is small but still full of amenities suspected. Besides, pay attention to choosing simple interior designs, in harmony with the room space, if the room is painted white, you can also choose silver and silver colors, pastel pink, yellow , or items with elegant colors are the best choice. The combination of paint colors for small bedrooms with this color scheme also contributes to the air intake, helping homeowners get the most comfortable and convenient living space, so even if the room is crowded, the owner will also have the The most beautiful furniture, comfortable and convenient living space. The color scheme for such a small bedroom is so small, the room will have a comfortable, luxurious living space, choosing the furniture will not be difficult, and should measure the room to on the design with pleasing items. The color scheme for small bedrooms shouldn't be too colorful With small bedroom space, the color gamut is very important, homeowners should not choose colors that are too prominent, so will affect the psychology and sleep of the homeowner, so avoid colors with too many colors. , or the color is too bright. The color scheme of the bedroom is small so the living space will be more comfortable, more convenient in decorating the furniture, as well as when choosing the interior will not be difficult for the owner. The color scheme for small bedrooms should be chosen according to Feng Shui The owner should choose the color that matches the homeowner's destiny, so it will create prosperous atmosphere, very good for the room space, the owner will also have moments of rest and comfort, without affecting the property. luck and luck.

Spotlight Furniture Collection

Smart kitchen appliances are currently used by many families. Smart kitchen appliances will not only bring a luxurious beauty to the kitchen, but it will also create unexpected amenities and utilities for you to use, especially, it also saves a lot of space for It’s your small kitchen. Built-in hood is a slim and modern design for kitchens in small apartments. Built-in cooker hoods are highly aesthetically pleasing and are often installed in sync with the cabinets and the kitchen. This machine can be submerged in the kitchen cabinet, only the mobile suction section is protruding out.

Common sizes in this series are 70 and 90cm, corresponding to the common sizes of the cookers. There are many types of quality cabinet hood designs you can choose. You can go to reputable dealers and showrooms to buy a hood. Because only the reputable kitchen equipment sales addresses you can enjoy the best policies on prices, as well as warranty, after-sales thoughtful.
Smart kitchen appliances for refrigerators

Electrolux’s Award Winning

If a corner of your refrigerator is still not fully utilized to store kitchen appliances and accessories. This type of kitchen utensil is the perfect solution.

In addition, you can also refer to the items that help decorate the kitchen neatly and beautifully. Slender design with separate floors and utility hangers underneath.

This tray not only makes the usual ice cubes but also helps us to remove the ice from the tray easily

You can order these handy kitchenware at high-end home appliance stores or refer to reputable online selling websites at home and abroad! After preparing food, the palm of the hand will be full of dirt. For regular soap dispenser, touching the inside of your hand on the push button will make the jar dirty, very inconvenient. With this C-shaped design, you just need to put your palms down and gently press to let the soap flow down the palms.
Blanch 2-compartment eggs in the microwave

Best Electric Kettle in 2020

The product is designed with 2 separate compartments, helping you blanch eggs easily in just a few minutes. First, pour enough water into each compartment, break the eggs and gently put them, cover the lid and put it into the microwave. In just a few moments, you’ve got two pieces of eggs with a rich and perfectly appealing peach heart, for a quick family breakfast.

Very simple but always keep the pump head clean. Compact electronic scales are very convenient when weighing materials using baking in the oven.

#1 Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)

Built-in hood is a slim and modern design for kitchens in small apartments. Built-in cooker hoods are highly aesthetically pleasing and are often installed in sync with the cabinets and the kitchen. This machine can be submerged in the kitchen cabinet, only the mobile suction section is protruding out.

“ Very simple but always keep the pump head clean. Compact electronic scales are very convenient when weighing materials using baking in the oven. ”

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